This is your day. Invest wisely

Moments, memories, milestones. These are what we take away. An echo and printing of who you really are; in that split second of time, that you will never get back.

That is my joy; to share with you these moments that are of the highest value and joy as you start your new lives together.

I love people,

and I adore love.

It's my greatest privileged to capture your biggest moments, immortalised forever.

I am an investor

& I am invested in you.

I’m someone who strongly believes in quality. We live in a day and age where consumerism is at its highest, and we have become so dependent on the next best thing that we have been taught to forget to invest.

That’s where I come in.

I’m someone who will always buy the book instead of downloading the eBook or audio book, and always spend the little bit more to get something that lasts longer. Now don’t get me wrong. Those things are amazing, and absolutely have their time and place.

But not when it comes to marriage.

Marriage itself is an investment. It’s two people who have decided to walk together, and invest in each other, and each others lives. Which is why I think It’s so important to capture these moments. And capture it well.

Not where you just stand there and smile.

But real.





Because that’s what marriage is, And in doing so, you are preserving those moments, for decades to come.

I believe in marriage.


I think it’s important to represent love in our homes.

Here are some of the tangible ways that I offer to my couples in love.


Fine Art Prints

These textured, museum quality fine art prints are an amazing way to show off your spectacular moments, framed in gorgeous raw wooden frames that really pop and bring your moments to life.


 This day is about you, about your love.

But I’m all about details. Your details.

I’m about the smiles, the glances back and forth,

The giggles when no one is looking,

The moment when you catch your spouses eyes, and with one glance proclaiming,


The little things.

Those details that make you uniquely you.

I want to immortalize, your story, your romance. In a way that’s completely unique to you.




This gorgeous box comes with both full day packages. It includes your USB with your images, as well as an instruction leaflet on how to back up your images. You’ll also receive two hand crafted tumblers from Whaiheke Island, Complimentary tea’s from Harney & sons, as well as a selection of prints. More often than not, you’ll find little treats as you discover dried flowers which were most defiantly “borrowed” from your wedding decor, dried lovingly by me, and placed back in this box for you to treasure along with your prints and other goodies. These boxes are hand crafted in house, and delivered with alot of heart.


I’m a huge fan of supporting local companies here in New Zealand.

Here is just a few of the companies that are included in the Newlywed box. In supporting me, you are also supporting local companies here in NZ. Keep it local.

Because why not sit down, relax,

and live through your best memories over and over again.

You can sit down in 10 years with your images, and relive every moment.


and photographs

are the reflections of those moments.

I promise, You’ll never regret investing in photography.


Because experiences, and memories,

are the foundations of life



Leather Envelopes

I’m a serious fan of scents, and the scent of leather is an all time favourite. So, how else would I deliver your gorgeous prints; other than in an engraved leather envelope for you to show off your magical moments, in epic style.