Let’s explore and discover who you are.

This first section is just about who you are and what you like.

The more information that I have, the best I can help you express and create who you are.

Branding impacts every aspect and piece of your business. That’s why its so important to have such a strong basis. When you are consistent in all that you do, that in turn reflects your business and who you are.

You branding is your opening, it your expression of who you are, before they’ve even read one word about you!

When you opened my page, you viewed my branding. A vintage yet playful feel. My logo nodding towards my English background with some Moroccan vibes as I adore travel.


Branding is an expression of you.

It’s who you are,

and how you want to be seen.

These questionnaires will make you dig deep to express who you are to me, so I can in turn, express who you are to others, in your branding, design, images, etc.

Okay, HERE WE Go:


Your Name *
Your Name
If you don't have a name yet, think of something that can stand the test of time. Something that you won't mind having in 10 or 20 years down the line. Do you want your name to be included? Sometimes that is easier when it comes to anything legal, since you will always own the rights to your own name. Also, please keep in mind possible domain names. Check online to see if your company name is taken. You don't want to go through the process of coming up with a perfect name and then discovering there is already that website taken.
This can be advertising, social media, email blasts, brochures, flyers, etc.
Maybe its old books, maybe its florals. Maybe it's rich greens, the smell of coffee, a family member, a childhood memory, the horizon on the ocean, the stillness in the dark after the lights all turn off, books you've read, the smell of candles, etc. Be very specific. The more details that you give me, the more I'll get to know you, the more I get to know you, the more that I will be able to represent your brand the best.
Soft, bright, muted?
Perhaps a floral, spirit animal, object or location that plays a part in your business that you would like to be represented, etc.
I'd love it if you'd create a pinterest board, or email a selection or images with anything that you love. Colours, clothing, photography, nature, anything that draws you and you feel expresses you, and your business. Share the link with me here, or email me hello@hannahmcmaster.com

Defining your dream client

Part 2:

The term “dream client” is thrown around every day. What exactly is a dream client? You probably have an idea in your head of the exact kind of person that you ideally would like to work with. Perhaps you haven’t taken the time to figure that out yet. Try and indentify their thoughts, needs, feelings and desires. If you aren’t targeting the right people, you won’t engage with, and attract the kind of clientele that you desire.

You don’t want to be posting into a void and attracting no one.

Every single time that you are posting online, facebook or Instagram, you are creating content to engage with people. You are creating content for your brand, and representing who you are. By taking the time to figure out who your dream client is, you’ll understand what they are looking for. What do they like, where do they hang out. By doing that you’ll be able to also understand how they might find you, and then we can brand and advertise accordingly.

Your Name *
Your Name
Do they fall into your dream clients? Do you often work with people that you don't enjoy?
in other words, what sets you apart from your competitors, and what are you wanting to introduce to stand our further?


You’ve completed this questionnaire.

Whats next?

I’ll be taking a few days to compile all this information and plan our first meeting. This will be when we go over all your lovely details and discuss what makes you unique.

From there a custom timeline will be put in place with goals, and you’ll exactly what to expect.

This is a very collaborative process, so we will be chatting alot during this!

You’'ll be able to give me lots of feedback and this way its exactly the way that you want it.

I can’t wait to work with you;


Let’s create something beautiful.